Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is a video of Avery I took tonight. Charlie's mamaw gave her the dress she is wearing. It was in a set, there was a matching one for a little girl and one for a baby doll. She gave the larger dress to another little girl and gave Avery the baby doll dress. It fits perfect! I think it is adorable.

We have had a pretty busy day. We had a plumber and refrigerator repair man working. I went grocery shopping and went to Blockbuster to find a movie and couldn't find a single thing I wanted to watch! I'm trying to take care of all the little things around here that need to be done before I go back to work. Too bad I'm not putting the house up for sell - but Charlie is just not ready for that yet. I guess I'm just dreaming anyway! It really doesn't 'feel' like a Saturday. Charlie works now on Saturdays and since I'm off work anyway, there's really no 'weekend' to it. That makes me kinda sad...I used to LOVE to look forward to the weekend, now I have to look forward to Mondays and Tuesdays (his days off). So weird, who wants to look forward to a stinkin' Monday? Ha!

I bought a scrapbook today from Walmart so I can print out all of my babycrowd journal entries from when I was pregnant and make a scrapbook for Avery to read one day. I'm new to scrapbooking and its a little overwhelming. It would be easy to spend hundreds to make it cute, but I'm way to cheap for that! So, we'll see. Its going to take a while to get it all together, hopefully it'll be done before I go back to work though!

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Nonna said...

What a way to end that video.