Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yes I'm a Crazy, Paranoid MOM!

Today we had an appt with Shots for Tots to have immunizations. Me, being Mother of the Year, forgot her shot records. I felt sooo stupid! I can't believe I dragged her out, all the way over there and didn't have the shot records. There were like 10 kids in this tiny waiting room. I got the paperwork and went outside to sit in a different area so she didn't have to sit around all those babies and then realized I forgot the shot records. I'm kinda glad after all because I'm super nervous about immunizations. I saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah talking about Autism and how the overuse of immunizations could be the cause, so it totally freaked me out. Not to mention she's supposed to be getting these shots at 2 months old (which she is) but she should only be 2 weeks old. Its crazy to me that if they have a 14 lb 2 month old they give the same shots as a 4 lb 2 month old and the same dosage. I called the doctors office and shots for tots to ask them to adjust the dosage and they both acted like I was crazy. I know she has to have the immunizations and if she didn't get them, she would be at much higher risk for all sorts of terrible things, but I agree with Jenny that the dosage should be adjusted or they should let me wait until 2 months after the due date! So maybe this will buy me some more time to do research about what my rights are as far as demanding the dosage be lowered. It is so crazy to me how so much is dictated by other people and not the parents. I mean, i understand the NICU having to be very strict and call all the shots but even now I feel so powerless when it comes to things like immunizations and feeding her formula even though I'd rather not. So, what do you guys think? Am I overreacting to the immunizations or where you concerned with your little ones?

By the way, thanks for all the advice about rice cereal. We definitely aren't starting that any time soon. If all its buying me is an extra hour or two of sleep and it could give her allergies or a tummy ache, whats the point?


Stormie's mommy said...

Hey I wanted to let you know you can post pictures with each post just thought I would tell you in case you did not know.

Nicki said...

When Cam was born, I did not do too much research on immunizations. I knew I would beat myself up over what was right and what was wrong. I talked to the doctor about the potential side effects and made the decision that benefits far outwayed the "possibility" of cons. I couldn't live with myself if Cam got a major life threatening disease that I could have prevented. What does Avery's pediatrician say about her getting her shots at her adjusted age of 2.5 weeks? Main point of this is really too tell ya you're allowed to be paranoid, just don't get to freaked out, lol. oh and i forgot Cameron's shot records during his second round of shots...I felt like an unfit mother. the nurse was very understanding though and updated when we went in for his 6 months shots.

Jenna said...

Hey, when Ava was born she weighed 5lb 9oz. I was concerned about the shots since she was a month early and she only weighed then maybe 6lb. Then I realized that with her being as little as she was she definitely needed the shots. Preemies have such a higher chance of catching anything. So, I new that Ava needed all the help she could get and that included getting her immunization shots that her pediatrician said she needed and yes the standard dose. She is now 10 months old and only weighs 15lb. which is still small but she is doing great. We have had 4 ear infections in 6 months( which means she may have to get tubes put in) and she has a cold every once in a while. Just to give you the heads up Ava is behind in some things. She didn't push up while she was on her belly till she was 5 months old, She didn't sit up until she was 7 months old. She still isn't crawling. You just have to remember not to compare them to other kids because it will drive you crazy because they're not doing the things that other babies are doing at their age. Ava's pediatrician said that everything is going great with her and that she will eventually do everything that I just have to give her more time. Little Avery is such a cute baby. I know that you will make the right decision for Avery.

Mrs. Penny said...

Hey Casey,
That lady from Early Steps meant well. However, she is not a pediatrician, so don't follow anything without it coming from Avery's doctor. I know it's confusing when you've heard "do this or do that" for years, then "they" change it again. A century ago, when I was a baby (you better LOL), they said "put them on their bellies to sleep" and had me on rice cereal at THREE WEEKS. (I have pictures of my Dad trying to spoon watered-down cereal into my mouth. that little. I looked like a baby bird. lol) Now both of those things have been thrown out. The "experts" also say now that rice cereal causes allergies. That would have been helpful to me back then. Maybe I wouldn't be allergic to everything. ha I guess my generation should just feel lucky to have survived. lol
Anyway, listen to Avery's doctor, your heart, and your Mom. You and Avery will be fine.
About the shots, I have mixed feelings on that. Of course, my kids were immunized. I didn't even know I had a choice. Just pray about whether to do it or not, act on what you feel led to do, and leave the ultimate protection up to Him. It's worked so far, hasn't it? Amazingly so.
All my love