Saturday, April 12, 2008

The best thing in the whole world...


Wow! Today I am just overwhelmed by how in love I am with this child. She is just so amazing! I was changing a very dirty diaper this morning and in the middle she pooped all over me. Later I was burping her and she looked right at me and spit up everywhere and I just thought it was hilarious both times. I think its too funny that if any other person came into your life and used the bathroom or spit on you, you'd want them out of your life as soon as possible, but if its your perfect little baby, you couldn't be happier! I think I got my first social smile today too. My mom bought this little stuffed animal that laughs (it sounds like little kids laughing) and I played it for Avery and she gave me the biggest, opened mouth, gums showing SMILE! She was hungry too at that point so I know it wasn't just a 'I'm full and happy' smile or gas either! YAY! Its so neat watching all the things they do. Charlie can lay her on his stomach in the recliner and she uses her legs and grabs and literally crawls almost up to his shoulders. It is crazy! And she is doing so good keeping her head up.

In other news, I think I'm in love w/ our pediatrician. LOL, ok not the kinda 'gonna leave my husband for him' love BUT the kinda 'this man is extremely smart and nice too' love. He is the best! He called before Avery came home from the NICU just to check on her. He also sent a little notecard, hand written to say he was happy to have her as a new patient. His office has a 'well baby' waiting room so we don't have to sit w/ any sick kids and they are SUPER fast! We went Friday and Avery weighed 6 lbs 6oz! She has tripled her birthweight in 2 months, most newborns don't triple their birthweight for one year! (Of course, she was only 2 lbs at birth :) He said she looks excellent and completely normal. He said she is a beautiful little angel baby - and I agree! Ha.

Well, we have a busy week planned. We are leaving first thing in the morning to go to Vidalia. I have a suitcase packed full for Avery, not to mention the Diaper Bag, Moses Basket, Bouncer, Car Seat and Insulated Breastmilk Bag! It is UNBELIEVABLE how much I had to pack! We are going to spend time w/ my family, my grandma from Tennessee is coming Sunday, my mammaw and pappaw are coming Monday and Tuesday we have a newborn portrait session with Jami. Charlie and I are going to be in some pics too, I'm so excited!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Cristi said...

Enjoyable blog! So cool that she smiled. Hope she does it for me this weekend. Can't wait to see yall. Love ya

lexie6004 said...

i'm so glad things are going good! she looks GREAT in her pictures! i can't wait to see jami's pictures! i'm so glad GOD is doing so much amazing work with Avery! Y'all have a good trip!