Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Break

We just got back from our trip to Vidalia. It was really great to get out of the house and Avery had her first 'out to eat' outing! The first of many, I'm sure! It was pretty pleasant. She got fussy just as we were ready to leave. It is so nice being at home and having so much help (I still refer to Vidalia as 'home' and always will). We even stayed an extra day. The photo shoot went great. She cooperated pretty well and the photographer even taught me a trick on how to get her to fall asleep. I stroke her head up and down and say "Shhhhhhhh" really soft and she falls asleep! Its great! We took 158 pictures! We used different props from the nursery and some that Jami had. We took a 4 generations picture (Avery, me, mom and grandma). Charlie, me and Avery took some shots and we did a lot of shots of her alone and her with me and her with Charlie. I cannot wait to see them! Its going to be so hard to choose! Last night she slept almost 6 hours straight. I guess after that long day she was tired. We did the photo shoot, then went to eat, then she had a few visitors and finally put her to sleep. I was so excited that she slept so long. Also, my mom got her to turn over today - well kinda. She put her on her stomach and she rolled to her back. I didn't know that 'counted' as rolling over. I guess i thought of rolling over as completely rolling all the way over, lol, I have a lot to learn!

We have the appt with the cardiologist tomorrow - hopefully that will go well.

Dr. Pennebaker's office (my OB) called today and the results of the homocystein lab are normal. Since all the results are coming out normal and Avery and I seem to be just fine, I'm not going to worry about it right now. What we do know is that I do have the heterozygous trait for Factor V Leiden and that is linked to blood clotting. I really feel like that was the problem. I spoke with a girl on the message board at the Nest Baby and she gave me a lot of info about it. So when and if the time comes to have another one I'll definitely talk in depth w/ Dr. Pennebaker and see specialists to see what medication we can start to control it. But we may just be happy with our one little spoiled princess! (I know I am!)

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Cristi said...

That bench you were on now has water all under it. You cant get to it anymore. The river is still rising!!!