Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tummy Time is a Success!

We had a great weekend! Avery's nonna (my mom) came for the weekend. Ahhh, it is so wonderful when she's here. I get a break!!! She's been gone for 3 hours and I miss her already! Now that Avery is here, I really REALLY want to move back to Vidalia to be with family, but there just aren't many jobs there. So I guess for now we'll stay in stinky West Monroe, but maybe in the next year we can make plans to move back. (wishful thinking!) Anyway, Avery's mamaw and papaw Nelson (Charlie's mom and her husband) came from South Louisiana to see Avery too. She bought her a cute lil bag with her name on it and some bloomers with her name on the cute! My mom put her on the Boppy to do some tummy time and she did so good! I'll post some pics....she lifted her head up like a big girl! Also, mom weighed with and without her and there was a six pound difference! YAY! If she weighs six pounds I'll be shocked, but I think she weighs at least five. We have a busy week ahead - Monday is shots for tots, Wednesday we have an appointment with Dr. Pena, the pediatric neurologist to see about the possible bleed in the brain. Thursday I have an OB appt and have to do more bloodwork to try to find out why Avery came so early. So far, all the bloodwork is looking normal. I am afraid my answer may be the same as the first pregnancy: We just don't know, these things happen. Also on Thursday Early Steps is coming to tell me if Avery is eligible for the program. And Friday we have to see Dr. Khanfar, that will be exciting because we can get her weighed! Man, I can't imagine how I'd be doing this if I were working! Hopefully, all these doctor appts will slow down by the end of May!

Well I think we're getting the sitter situation figured out. Kelly O'Gwin said that she has decided to stay at ULM another semester so she may be able to do it. Another girl that is from Vidalia, but lives in West Monroe, is interested and my mamaw called to tell me that they would move here until Avery was big enough for daycare, if need be. Charlie found out his days off are probably changing to Monday and Tuesday so I would only need someone 3 days a week for 2 hours a day! I guess I'm going to get off here and go watch the LSU game with Charlie and give Avery a bath. GO TIGERS! : )

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Cristi said...

Man, that picture of Avery doing tummy time, really looks like your daddys pictures of when he was little.