Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NICU Visit

Lovin Bathtime!

Tummy Time!

Resting with Poppa
(everyone says she looks just like him!)

Wore out from our lil trip

Well we had another great weekend in Vidalia. Nonna and Poppa are such a big help! Also, my friend (and boss) Dewana had her baby. Addison Claire - such a cute name! She is really a beautiful baby. Unfortunately, she had to go to the NICU for a few days but is doing great and going home today. Since I wanted to go see her I thought it would be nice to bring the NICU nurses a little treat. I ordered a tray of cookies from my favorite coffee shop and took a picture of Avery with me. I also took my premature baby books and breastfeeding books for another NICU mom I had met while I was there. Her baby is also named Addison, she was born in January and due in May! She weighed a pound! We have been praying for her so much and she is in an open crib now. I got to see her when I visited and she'll be going home soon! It is amazing. The NICU nurses are the best, they are all so nice and hilarious. They were disappointed I didn't bring Avery this time, but I figure the hospital probably has more germs that anywhere else in town. We did get out today and have lunch at Copeland's (can't beat a good meal at Copeland's!) It went great - Avery slept the entire time and there were no little kids in there and we didn't sit close to anyone. The Early Steps therapist called to set up an appt and was supposed to come today but she called this morning to say that she was running a low-grade fever. She said she could still come, but it was up to me. I politely declined! She said her baby was a preemie too, so she completely understands. She said if she is completely better she'll come Thursday. I'm looking forward to seeing what she thinks about Avery's developmental steps and if we are way behind or not. I think Avery may have smiled at Charlie last night, but I'm not positive. It was just a little smile. So I still don't know if she is smiling socially or not and I haven't heard anything I would consider a real 'coo'. So we will see! She'll get there, I'm sure : )

You know what is crazy? Every single night Avery has fussy time where she just starts to cry for no reason. I try everything I can, but sometimes she just cries. Charlie has been off the last 2 days and I always tell him I just can't cook at night because there is no way she will let me put her down for that long during fussy time. So I cook at lunch time, before he goes to work. (Well, that is, if I cook at all!) So last night I'm thinking he can get a taste of what I go through and I gave her to him while I cooked a nice, big supper. She was the most content, happiest baby in the whole wide world. She laid on the floor, in her crib, in his lap - it didn't matter she was so happy! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she was a happy baby but I guess she is already a daddy's girl! Oh well, I have to go grocery shopping....leaving Avery with Charlie - I'm sure she'll be a perfect lil angel! :)

PS - Can someone tell me how to upload multiple images at once to a post? THANKS!

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Stormie's mommy said...

Hey what I do to upload is on the post page where you add pictures it will let you do 5 at a time just click add another image before you post. If anyone else does it quicker and easier than that let me know. Cause I hate that I can only do 5 at one time.
And Casey she is just precious. Glad to see new pictures. And I check out Jami's blog all the time and I had seen those before you posted your message about it. She is so sweet. I can not wait till you upload the rest here or myspace!