Saturday, May 3, 2008

Whew, What a day!

We are in Vidalia this weekend. We had the bright idea to take Avery shopping downtown. We wanted to go to the Farmers Market on Main St. to get some fresh veggies. They ended up having no veggies so we decided to walk down Main St. and do a little shopping. The very first store we went in was a total DISASTER. It was basically going smooth until Avery got fussy. While trying to get her out of the stroller, I had the diaper bag swung around my shoulder and the store was like a little gift shop, crowded w/ stuff. I knocked a $90 plate on the floor and broke it. Lovely. Thankfully, the nice lady sold it to me at price ($45). We got out of there and came home. We also lost her shoe in the process but mom backtracked our steps and found it! So, now we're at home and Avery is fed and happy and maybe in a little while we'll take some pics because she got the cutest new dress from my favorite high school teacher, Mrs. Ulmer. So, I guess we learned a lesson today: Shopping in tiny stores w/ expensive things is not as easy when you add a fussy baby, a stroller and a diaper bag to the picture. (Oh yeah and my purse and frappucinno!) hehe!

In other news, Avery has thrush! : ( Her first sickness since the NICU. Dr. Khanfar says he doesn't know what could've caused it. The day we went to the dr. (Thursday) he had seen 3 cases that same day of thrush! WOW! After 2 days on Diflucan her little tongue is looking more normal. I saw some whiteness on it Wednesday and thought to myself, "Why is the formula sticking to her tongue?" The next day when I saw it again I realized how stupid I was and knew immediately it was thrush. I called Dr. Khanfar and they saw me the same hour I called - they are the BEST!

Hopefully some cute pics in her new dress and bonnet to come soon...

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mallory said...

girl, you better quit drinking those frappucinnos while you're breastfeeding :)))