Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lil Avery Einstein

OK...I'll admit it, I've been picture happy this last week. I guess knowing I'm going back to work and I won't have time to take as many pics I've gone crazy! Oh well! Here are some more from today. Avery enjoyed reading Green Eggs and Ham, as you can see!

Reading at 4 months...who says preemies have catching up to do? HA!

"Hello mom, as you can see I'm reading...a little privacy, please?"

"Look lady, I said quit flashing that thing in my face while I'm reading!!!"

"Now, back to the book."

The End.


Mrs. Penny said...

Too cute Casey! As a teacher, I must say I'm impressed. Rhyming books are really good first reading choices. So, keep Dr. Seuss coming. I LOVE the new pictures. The second one in the birthday series is my favorite so far. I love the expression. I can't wait to see her again. And we need to get some outside pictures and new family pics. Look how much she's changed just since Jami did those portraits!!!! Amazing! Bring her bouncey seat next time you come. It's really sweet of your MaMaw to come. See, now who's the fave? lol
Love y'all
PS Shelbi talked to your favorite teacher!!! Yes, Mrs. Ulmer! She cried. (Mrs. Ulmer, not Shelbi.) ha

mallory said...

those are the cutest pics! guess she takes after the welch family, lol :)