Monday, May 19, 2008

Beautiful Smiles

In the mornings Avery usually wakes me up when she's hungry, but today I set my alarm so I could go shopping for some work clothes. I heard her making little noises (coos?) and went in and she jumped when she saw me (I think I startled her!) Anyway, then she let out some of the biggest smiles. I ran to get my camera and caught a few of them. In some of these I think she looks a little like my baby pics. I guess I'll get these beautiful smiles every morning when I go in to wake her and feed her before I go to work! What a blessing. She is the most adorable, precious little blessing I could've ever imagined. I've been putting together the scrapbook of all the pregnancy journal entries. It is looking so cute, too bad there's no way to put it online! Maybe I'll take some pics of it? :)

Well, we have a big Memorial Day planned. My mom and dad and brother are coming for a cookout. We are going to grill steaks and veggies. I'm going all out and making homemade Raspberry Lemonade and a Berry Patch Brownie Pizza! YUM YUM! I guess it'll be my last big hoorah before I go back to work. After that life is probably going to get very, very busy.

We go for our 4 month appt on Wednesday to Dr. Khanfar. I'm interested to hear when we can start feeding her cereal and solids. I'll let you know what he says.

Enjoy these beautiful pics!

Well hello there, mom!
(It is amazing how she wiggles her arms out of the Swaddle Me in the night!)

This is the one that reminds me of some of my baby pics:

All Smiles


Stormie's mommy said...

Those are just precious. She is growing so fast! Yes work life will be very busy and you will miss her like crazy! I worked from Stormie being 7 1/2 weeks till just turning 5 months. I hated it more than anything and I was only gone 4 hours at a time cause I got to see her on my lunch! HA I just did not like leaving her! But I wish you the best of luck in everything. I was wanting to see if you can give me your email so I can send you emails when I update my blog.

Nonna said...

Oh those are such cute pictures. She is so adorable, I miss her so much. Tell her I love her.

Stormie's mommy said...

Thank you! I got it from walmart but I need a bigger size ha ha!!!
Just keep that in mind that swim suits run small in babies!
We definitely need to set up a play date. So are ya'll decided your moving home?
I will email you now so you will know :)