Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not so bad after all!

Wow, what a week it has been! The day before I went back to work I cried! I didn't realize I would dread it as much as I did. I kept feeling so guilty about having to leave her. But once I got back to work, I remembered how much I love my job and the people I work with. And to be honest, I was starting to go a little stir crazy around the house. One day I got so tired of watching TV, I turned it off and just sat there looking at the wall! lol. So work has actually been great and I've felt a little guilty, but knowing she's at home with daddy and her Gran-gran has made it much more easier. I think one reason I was dreading it was because before I came back I would say I did 90% of 'Avery Duty'. I just felt like since I was off work and Charlie had to work, my job was being the full time mommy. Of course, he did change a diaper every once in a while or feed a bottle to her, but I did most of it. So I was worried he would be harrassing me all day at work, lol, and eventually ask to hire a full time babysitter - which would be extrememly expensive (for someone to actually come to the house all day long). Boy, was I wrong! Charlie has been AMAZING!!! I was stunned. He hasn't complained one time all week. He works till midnight so he goes to sleep around 2am and I try to put her back to sleep before I leave, but she usually wakes up again around 8am, so he is more sleep deprived than I am. And on his days off - Monday and Tuesday he keeps her all day long for me, which is not really a 'day off'. It has been so wonderful. And they are really having some daddy-Avery bonding time. She is already a daddy's girl! I will post some pics below that he emailed me at work one day. He was tickling her and she was laughing! They are the cutest pics we have of her so far! So, I have been EXTREMELY busy, but what working mom isn't? I've decided updating the blog, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, paying the bills and all those other chores have to wait for the weekend. So, I'm getting into a nice little schedule and I know its going to be just fine.

In other news, Avery slept through the night last night and the night before. Maybe that will be her new thing now? I am super excited about that! Also, someone came to look at our house yesterday and they are going to look at another house but they may make an offer and someone is coming tomorrow morning to look at it from Arkansas. So, it looks like I need to find an apartment in Monroe ASAP, Any suggestions? We've never lived in an apartment, so I'm pretty nervous about it, but I always get nervous about change. And we're not going to settle for a low selling price. We want to make a good bit of money and if we can't, we'll stay here until the market comes back up! Okay, enough of the boring talk, now for the pictures taken this week!

Nonna and Poppa came to visit!

Memorial Day

Fun with Daddy


Curran said...

It is a beautiful thing to see Avery smile! She looks like such a happy baby.

Cristi said...

I love all the new pictures!!!! Nonna