Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Pics

For anyone who didn't see, these are some of the pics done by Jami Ainsworth. She is the BEST. Visit her blog at to see more of her work

Now here are some other pics I took that aren't nearly as interesting or cute!

I tried to take Avery on a walk but about 2 houses down she started screaming and wouldn't stop! So, we ended up coming back after about 2 minutes...better luck next time!


This is on our trip to Nonna and Poppa's. I love how she holds her little hands up in the air while she sleeps! I remember her doing it in the NICU too.

The cutest lil Weepublican I've ever seen!

Yes, I think Avery has definitely made her choice for the 2008 elections!

Helping momma clean the kitchen

She loves her Bumbo...what a big girl!

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Nonna said...

Look at her legs coming out of that bumbo!!!!! Wow