Thursday, April 3, 2008

OK, OK we'll get the shots! : )

After posting yesterday I did some google research on preemie immunizations and yes, you are all right! We definitely have to get them. I guess I should've looked at some medical journals, doctors opinions, etc before taking Jenny McCarthy's advice and running with it! LOL. So, I have rescheduled her appt for Monday so Charlie can go and they can sit in the car until we're called back so we don't get sick for all the germs in that waiting room!

I've noticed something the last few days. Yesterday she was sleeping and I really needed to vacuum so I was like "Oh well, guess I'll wake her up, cause I have to vacuum." I vacuumed the whole house and she slept so soundly! She loved the noise. Today we have some people working on replacing some cracked window panes and working on the yard, the noise is driving me crazy - but Avery - I can't wake her up! Maybe tonite when she won't go to bed I'll vacuum again! Ha! Oh well, all for now....thanks so much for everyone's advice, I reallly do appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Well you know that she is use to all the commotion in the nicu. So maybe she has to have the noise to sleep. That's a good thing!! I am so glad that she she is doing good! I love to read your blog to get the updates on her. ANd about the shots, I knew that you would make the right choice. Give her a kiss and a hug for me.
Love yall,

Stormie's mommy said...

Hey I just read your comment about Stormie. ha ha Are you having a hard time thinking that Avery will ever be that big? Since she is smaller than a pineapple. :)
Stormie really looks bigger than she is in the pictures for some reason but she is getting bigger and bigger everyday.
Well post some pictures of that baby girl we want to see some new ones :)