Thursday, March 27, 2008

YAY for Nipple Shields!

Well today has been great. Avery took her first full feeding at the breast thanks to the Medela Nipple Shield! My friend Calley told me about them, I had a larger one but it wouldn't fit in her little mouth! So I ordered one from Amazon and it came in the mail. She did great with the new preemie nipple shield. That is awesome it will save me a lot of time if I don't have to feed her and pump every time.

Also, Pamela with Early Steps came out today for our initial meeting. They are federally funded and they come to your home and evaluate the baby. If she needs any kind of developmental help (physical therapist, occupational, speech, etc) then they set up the appts and have the therapists come to your home. They aren't income based so we finally qualify and they don't even file our insurance! I was so pleased. The initial meeting was just basically an explanation of the program and had me sign paperwork. A therapist will come next week to 'test' Avery to see what programs she might need. They go by her adjusted age (From the due date) so she'll only be about 2 weeks adjusted when they come out. If they determine she doesn't have any problems yet, but in 3 months I notice something, I can call them back. They stay with the baby through age 3. Hopefully, everything will be completely normal, but its nice to know we have this kind've federally funded support in the event that we do need some type of therapist.

Avery slept well last night - yay! She was wide awake at 5am but I finally convinced her it was still night time and she slept till 9. She is stirring now, so I think she may be hungry! Until next time...

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