Monday, June 30, 2008

Charlie took off this weekend and I took off Monday so we could spend a 3 day weekend in Vidalia! It was great! Its so nice to get away every once in a while and its been a long time since Charlie could come since he works weekends. We went to church for the first time at Cornerstone, the church that my dad preaches at, and introduced Avery to a lot of the people that spent many days praying for her. I just realized that of all the pictures I took this weekend, I took none of her first time at church! I hate it when I forget to photograph important events! Oh well, one important event I did photograph, and even took a video, was Avery eating from a spoon! Apparently, you aren't supposed to give a baby rice cereal through a bottle. We tried that this week for weight gain and it kept Avery up half the night screaming, it was not pleasant! After speaking to other moms about it online, apparently you're supposed to start the rice cereal with a spoon! So this morning we got brave and tried it! It went great! We mixed 2 Tbsp of cereal with 4 Tbsp of milk and got it a little warm and fed her about half of it. I'm sure she would've eaten all of it but I didn't want to push it after my experience with feeding it through the bottle. I am very excited about that and I'm going to start trying it every other day. We have follow up appointments with the pediatric neurologist and pediatric cardiologist on Wednesday. I'm not really nervous about these because at the 1st appts both Dr.'s seemed to think these were very common preemie problems that would go away on their own (she had a possible small bleed in her brain and a heart murmur). Well, I guess thats all for now, I have lots of pics from the wkend...none which include me or did that happen!?!

"Hey lady, get that thing outta my face, can't ya see I'm spending quality time with my nonna!"

Chillin with Uncle Mark

This is one cool chick!

Laughing at Poppa

Nonna had to get in on the action, too!

Learning to hold her own ba-ba, like a big girl!

Nonna bought her a silver spoon w/ her name engraved on it

Avery Grace

My favorite scripture for Avery...she is wonderfully made!

Lovin her first meal from a spoon

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