Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Could Not Ask for More!

Wow I'm so proud of myself...3 posts in 3 days! Weekends are just amazing. Mon-Fri is just a blur! Anyway, we just got back from church (and McAllisters) and Avery did wonderfully. She looked ADORABLE (as always!) She got to wear a dress that Calley gave me when she was born. It was beautiful. She also got to wear some special hand knit booties from Mrs. McMurtry, who works w/ mom at VHS and her Tiny Miracle bracelet. Unfortunately, the camera is still out of batteries (on my way to Target after this post) but I did snap some pics w/ Charlie's phone that I'll add to the post later today. I think she really liked the music and the preaching put her to sleep (which I guess is ok until she gets old enough to actually understand : ) We even went to McCalisters afterwards and she sat quietly and watched us eat. Then Charlie wanted to go look at Macs, he's currently trying to persuade me that we need a Mac Notebook, so we went by Basic and played on the Macs. At that point she had had enough and started to get fidgety so we came home.

Anyway, I wanted to post this today before I forgot to say this. At one point during the praise and worship I was holding Avery looking around and I remembered one day after I had lost the first baby and I remembered looking around and if felt like every woman in that building had a baby except for me. I also remembered being there shortly after Avery was born and just pleading with God the entire time to let her be ok. Wow, sometimes things are going so well we forget how blessed we are. My heart is so full of happiness right now, I cannot imagine a better life. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows how continually thankful we are for the answered prayers for Avery. I really felt this morning that in some way things have come full circle and I honestly could not ask for more.


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I can only imagine what it must feel like for you right now. Fter being thrown a few curveballs, you and Charlie have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. You are such a strong person, Cas, and I know I've said this before and it sounds cheesy, but I'm so proud of you!