Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun With Mommy

This is a video of me and Avery playing "I Got Your Nose!" Warning: This may be a pretty boring video except to Nonna and Poppa, who are probably having Avery withdrawals from almost 2 weeks without her! Charlie started playing this game with her this morning and she thought it was hilarious. I was playing with her today and she let out a loud, happy squeal. It shocked me! It was so cute and I was hoping I could catch one on video so I set up the camera, of course, she didn't do it again but you can hear her 'talking' to me a little bit in this one. And she gives one, big cute smile too!

Nonna- this is that cute lil outfit you bought her...remember?


Cristi said...

Yes I remember the outfit, and yes I am having major withdrawl!!!! Can't wait to see yall this weekend. Love Nonna

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,

I read your journal on babycrowd and I was just a little curious aas to how little Avery has been doing. Oh my god! She is huge now!! Really think that your little game is too cute.