Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All Things Christmas!

Wow, how did I get so far behind on blogging? For now, I'll blame it on the hustle and bustle. And next, I will attempt to write the longest Christmas blog post ever, before Avery finishes her nap. So, fix a cup of hot cocoa, kick your shoes off, relax and stay a while bloggy buddies!

Avery loved helping decorate the tree. I would give her an ornament, and she would throw it in the tree somewhere. I tried to find them all and hang them up, but with a dog and a toddler, it becomes quite impossible. So, you can imagine what our tree looks like this year! Also, once I got the gifts wrapped I would hand her one and say, "Put it under the tree" and she would try her very best to lodge the gift IN the tree, instead of under the tree! 

She also loved putting the red Christmas balls in a vase I fill up every year. She would move some of the balls to the tree, then a few back to the vase. Needless to say, this kept her very busy!

One of the things that most people relate to Christmas is snow. Well, not down here in The South! I hate to say we were blessed to have snow (with all the terrible winter storms lately) but we get pretty darn excited when it comes. This is as much as we got (as you can see, none of it stuck) and Avery was not impressed!

Nonna and Poppa got much more snow!

Another thing I love about Christmas, is Christmas plays. Growing up, we always had one at church and I always participated. They were a lot of fun. This year, Nonna and Poppa starred in the Christmas play. We couldn't make it to the play, but we got to see the rehearsal. It was written by two ladies at the church. It was such a good play w/ a great message. Nonna and Poppa did a great job, along w/ all the kids!

I started a Christmas tradition last year, making sugar cookies with Avery. This year was a bit more challenging, Avery definitely didn't understand that we couldn't eat the cookie dough, so she didn't get to help much at all with that part. But when the decorating began she was loving every minute! So, even though I succeeded in making the world's ugliest sugar cookies, Avery had a great time - and really, that's all that matters!

Earlier in December, Avery attended her first Christmas parade. She quickly learned the importance of picking up candy and even which ones she liked! She had a great time. All of the floats passed playing music and she would look and smile, but she got her groove on when the local hip hop/rap station came by. It was pretty hilarious. She ran out into the street and showed her moves. Too bad I didn't get the camera out in time! She also hollered "Hhhhheeeyyyyy" to every horn that honked!

Well, that's it for now. We are off to Nonna and Poppa's to celebrate Christmas with my family and Charlie's. It will be a busy, fun-filled few days to come!


Too Many Hats said...

What a great little helper! Merry Christmas!!!

Cristi said...

Cant wait to see you guys. Loved your pictures.

Beth E. said...

Christmas morning should be a blast at your house!

Check my blog and see the snow we got last week. ;-)

Be watching the mail...I mailed your package yesterday.

Merry Christmas!

Penny said...

Cute post--- especially the part about the ugly cookies. =)

Curran said...

Love all the pictures! I've been neglecting my blog lately also :( Our cookie night was about like yours! I'm not sure Santa will even eat those cookies we made! I guess the reindeer will have to share their carrots!