Saturday, December 19, 2009


Avery also likes wearing her sunglasses around the house. It gets pretty hilarious, she squinches up her eyes when she's wearing them, so she can barely see. Once she starts running into things, we have to put a stop to it!

"What is it MOM? Can'tcha see I'm trying to figure out how this thing works!"

Oh, and did I mention she takes them on and off over and over!


Beth E. said...

She's so funny and cute!

Hop over to my blog...the winners have been announced. You're gonna want to see the list. ;-)

Beth E. said...

You're a winner! Please contact me with your mailing information.


Too Many Hats said...

Hahaha - she is so cute.

LucieP said...

So cute! Matthew LOVES glasses!! He is so silly! Isn't hilarious to watch their little personalities go wild!!?

Mallory said...

i love the pic where she's like "excuse me!!!" lol

btw, i was saying that i normally end up getting everyone something they already have. so this year i went to stores that i know my parents/grandparents don't have access to. but no, they don't have the same ch's as far as i know.

and about the snuggie thing, too funny! for some reason they are a big joke at work, and many of the guys say that we are going to get some camouflage ones for our partners that have 'stroud petroleum' embroidered on them, lol. they even announced that as a joke during our christmas party. i have no idea where this crazy snuggie thing started but our office is obsessed with it =)

Cristi said...

Wow you won a prize! Fun Yay Beth! What is it, what is it???

Calley said...

how funny!