Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

Happy Monday! If you want to write or link your Not Me Monday post, just go visit MckMama for all the info! What a wonderful, fun, Christmas-filled weekend we had! Of course, with lots of events come lots of chaos. So, I figured what better time for a Not Me Monday post. Also, I'm a week behind on blogging so the posts this week will actually be what we did week before last. If anyone is keeping score ;)

  • I did not seriously consider giving our puppy back after only having him for a week. I did not totally forget I'm an adult and we have to sometimes 'put our big girl panties on and deal with it'. 
  • I did not find an onion in my trunk this weekend after taking Avery's stroller out to visit the mall. It surely was not there for an entire week since the last time I was at the grocery store!
  • I did not ask Charlie tonight if a nutcracker really cracked nuts. I was not totally under the impression that nutcrackers just danced in pretty ballets and came out at Christmas.
  • I am not in the 100% pure-bliss-shopping-is-done-tree-is-up stage of Christmas. I did not insist that we should totally have Christmas trees all year round because they're so darn pretty and smell so good and provide such nice lighting!
  • Avery did not attend her first Christmas parade and learn the importance of collecting candy after the first few floats. She also did not holler "HEEEYYYYY" at every loud truck and float that honked. After the fiftieth hey, me and Charlie did not laugh like crazy because it was pretty funny.
  • We did not get to see REAL SNOW last week. And maybe, to some of you, that isn't the coolest frickin' thing in the But to us Southerners, snow is a Christmas Miracle!!! Avery was not totally unimpressed with the snow, as was Barney. I was not the only one of us three who refused to leave the yard or stop repeating 'IT'S SNOW...IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!'


Too Many Hats said...

LOL - hollering at the floats and trucks for being loud - that must have been hilarious. I am totally with you on the Christmas tree thing.

Mallory said...

i saw the snow flurries too, and was pretty excited until one of my co-workers said "that's NOT oughtta see some real snow." he's such a kill joy, lol. it started coming down pretty good but never cold enough to stick. but vidalia/ferriday/natchez stuck i think because by the time they got it it was night time and a lot colder by then. oh well, it snowed three times last year in shreveport...just wish it would stick!!!

brtty stella said...

So glad you got to enjoy the snow! looks like we may get some here Friday night. Hope for snow and not the Yuk wintry mix!!
Is Barney being a bad deputy?? Love you.

Cristi said...

Love moms bad deputy comment! LOL How is he doing by the way. Oh and I HATE that I missed her hollering at the parade, wish yall would have gotten that on video, oh, yea the video camera is here! LOL Love yall.

Beth E. said...

I love snow, too! At least until we celebrate the New Year. After that, I'm ready for Spring! lol

Penny said...

Through shopping! You and your momma are getting on my nerves! But like I told her--- y'all have WAY less people to shop for! =)