Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Blog on a Tuesday...aren't you proud?

Here are a few pics from this week. Can ya believe I'm doing a blog in the middle of a work week? Me neither! Avery is sleeping :) This may take the place of the weekend blog...we're off Friday and going to Vidalia. I'm helping with a baby shower for Calley, so I may be busy this weekend, but I'm sure we'll take some pics that I'll have to post!

I decided on a jumperoo instead of a walker, they're pricier but I think it will be worth it. I'm about to go to amazon.com to see if I can find a good deal! Also, my work schedule is going to change on Sept 1st. I'll be getting off at 2:30 on the days Charlie has to work. He'll have to be at work at 3, so some days it may be a tight squeeze, but it should be fine. I'll work 7-5 on Wednesday & Thursday, his days off. I can already see that we may need a backup for times when he has meetings, training and days when he just needs a break! So any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Basically it wouldn't be a set schedule, I just need maybe a high school or college student who I could call who would be available during the week when needed. I'm sure we'd end up using the same person when we go out to eat, etc. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Here are some pics from Sunday and today...

Yep, that hats still a little too big! :)

All dressed for church and ready to go...until the screaming fit of constipation about 10 minutes later, that is!

I'd say Chase has found their newest model!

Smile if you love Chase!

Well, Chase may want to wash the onesie before they run the ads!
We changed shortly after these were taken!


Curran said...

Let's forward the Chase pics to Jamie Dimon & get his approval :) She's adorable! Our girls are growing too fast!

The Glenn Gang said...

Would you like to borrow a jumperoo? You could get it this weekend when you are in town. You probably can't tell it has ever been used.

I went back and found an old blog post that will show you a picture of it.