Sunday, August 17, 2008

Avery says 'Ma'....and we bought a car!

Wow, what a weekend we have had! On Friday at work I decided it was really time to sell my car. It is getting too old and it is way too small! I figured it would take at least 2 weeks to sell it, so I would have time to find a new car and figure out how you actually sell a car (since I've never done that before). So I was very bored at work, everyone had left early and there was absolutely nothing to do. (Sorry Dewana, I went over my deliverables 18 times but there was NOTHING to do!) Soo, I listed my car on and 30 minutes later a man called and said that he was going to the bank to get a cashiers check for the car. I had not even posted a picture of it yet! He was from Jackson and wanted to buy the VW Beetle for his 15 yr old daughter. I was STUNNED. Since he called, 5 other people called within 24 hours after posting it wanting to test drive it. If you need to sell a car - go to and DON'T trade it in. I made thousands more in cash!!! (Wow, that really sounded like a commercial - hehe!) So long story short, I met him halfway between Monroe and Jackson in a smelly little town called Tallulah. My mom had to meet me there because her name was still on the title. We drove back and she babysat Avery while Charlie and I went car shopping. We figured we wouldn't find anything in one day, but we might as well get started. After test driving about 5 vehicles, I really wanted a Saturn Ion, but they wouldn't even let me test drive it because there was a girl signing papers for it before I got there. We were at the Saturn dealership and that was the ONLY Saturn Ion they had. (They quit making them in 07). So, we went to a little hole in the wall dealership b/c they had a Honda Civic. It was an '04 with 65,000 miles. I think I had convinced myself it would be ok. It didn't even have power windows or locks! So we test drove it and decided it was the 'economical choice'. We went back to sign the papers and they were taking their time. I was tired and hungry, so I convinced Charlie we should get some lunch while they got the paperwork together. We left and went to eat w/ mom and Avery for about 30 minutes. The second we pulled up to the dealership my phone rang - it was good ole Mr. George from the Saturn dealership. Apparently, the girl had a DWI on her record and couldn't get insurance for the car. We had to go in and break the news to the people we had been working with on the Civic - needless to say, they weren't very happy. Within a few hours I was driving away in my new 2007 Saturn Ion. Its great! It get's 30 mpg and has only 7,000 miles on it. I have a full warranty for 100,000 miles so its worry free too! : ) I couldn't be are some pics.

It was pretty sad saying goodbye to my baby for the last 4 Bug!

Bye, bye BUG!


This is not my car, but looks exactly like it...

Now for the important pic...Avery and her Jumperoo!

As I said earlier, mom took care of Avery and took this video. Follow the link below to see the video. Listen closely at the end and Avery says "Ma". I guess she missed me! : )

Avery Says "Ma"!


Jami Ainsworth said...

Oh...I wished I had know. It was probably more than we could afford, but that's exactly the car my 15 year old daughter wanted. And we just started to look. We want to buy something now rather than waiting for her b'day. You see we got a new car about 5 mos. ago and really would rather her practice in her car...not a new one. (lol)

Baylee's Mommy said...

Congrats on the new car. I bought a 2008 Accord in July and LOVE it. BTW, you have neen tagged. Check Baylee's blog