Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Rough Week

Well we've had a bit of a rough week. Avery had shots on Wednesday and ran fever and was up all night. Thursday she still had fever although we gave her Tylenol it would come back about every 4 hours once the Tylenol was wearing off. She was also throwing up her milk so we had to give her Pedialyte...I HATE SHOTS! And for the last 24 hours she has been doing something new - she'll be as happy as can be and all of a sudden scream in terror like something stung her. A few mintues later she will have a dirty diaper - but its not normal, I'll just put it like this - she is very constipated. This is the first time she's ever been constipated and its just terrible. I got some Apple Prune Juice and just gave her 4oz so please pray this will take care of it so we can get back to normal around here! My poor little Gracie just hasn't been herself since Wednesday - darn shots!

I went to Walmart early this morning before the crowds since its 'no tax day'. I spent $270 on basically nothing but groceries and diapers, wipes and formula! Ughh...! I was going to buy her a walker but with the old school walkers you can't really bounce in them and we have carpet, except for the kitchen so she won't be able to move around a lot on the carpet. I think I prefer the jumperoo so she can bounce in it. Those are a bit more pricey, the one I like is $90 so I didn't get it just yet. Anyone interested in selling theirs? Any suggestions on whether I should get a walker or a jumperoo? I'm uploading videos to photobucket, I'll probably post the links later.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Carly said...

Poor babe... My little one had such bad reactions to the vax's that we no longer do them. :(

Not sure about the walkers... but for what its worth, my son has a joint deformity and his ortho told us that walkers are a no-no for all babies. He said that it puts them in an unnatural position and does not help them walk earlier at all and could actually delay their gross motor skills. I have no personal experience though since we didn't buy one. :)