Sunday, August 24, 2008

OK I give up...6 Random Things About Me

Usually I delete forwards in my email or cell before I read them. A working mom is very busy and at home it feels like I'm running a marathon every night to get everything done. So, when I was tagged for this blog I just kinda avoided it. Then someone else tagged me and then another and another. So, I GIVE UP! I just feel like people aren't really concerned about 6 random things about me. Now, 6 Random Things About AVERY would be something to blog about! hehe. But I realized I enjoyed reading the 4 blogs from the people who tagged me, so I might as well do my own! I was tagged by Shonda, Nicki, Brittany and Mallory (by the way Mal, you need a blogspot!) Here goes...

1. I used to be skeptical about having children. I remember a few years ago my theory was "For 9 months they make you puke and ache all over, for years they keep you up all night, then they turn into 13 year olds that hate you, then they start 'going out at night' which keeps you up all night for another few years. Next, they leave for college (which is gonna cost ya!), and they only call when they need something!" Well, I'm a very 'glass half empty' person so I still agree that those are probably all facts. But...since Avery Grace came into our life my perspective has changed 180 on having children. I feel like I know what I'm here for now. And there is this feeling in my heart that I get every single morning when I wake her up (or even when she wakes me up) that is indescribable. And you think after 7 months it would wear off and it would just be 'routine', but its not! And it even gets BETTER every day. (I know that sounds so cliche). So, I think if I had missed the chance to have a baby, for whatever reason, then my life would be so much less fulfilling.

2. I am a clean freak. I thought it would get better once I had a baby. Then I was off work for 12 weeks with the baby - so it got worse. Then I thought, "When I'm working full time and I have Avery, there is no way I'll be this obsessed with straightening the house or not having a dirty dish in the sink when I go to bed!" Unfortunately, it hasn't let up...Charlie is the same I guess its here to stay!

3. Although I dreaded leaving Avery to go back to work, I have realized I really love my job. Some days I feel guilty that I can't stay at home with her, but it still doesn't change the fact that I love my boss, the people I work with, even the crazy days and I love what I do. Now, my boss is moving in a few weeks so I guess that could change...I'll keep ya posted!

4. I, like Brittany, am a reality TV junkie. Its crazy because any reality show advertised I immediately Tivo it. I'm not as into reality game shows (Survivor, etc.) as I am into 'just watching regular people live day to day' shows. And I realize I am becoming a reality show critic. I was watching Gene Simmons the other day and it officially got deleted from the DVR b/c it is sooo scripted. I'm sure they all are, but you can tell his is so set up. Ughh!

5. I hate hate hate Walmart but I can't seem to stay away. Avery is not allowed in Walmart, per Dr.'s orders (until she is much older), so I can't bring her. And, I started thinking: How germy does a place have to be before a Dr. decides to banish babies from Walmart!?! YUCK. I got on a kick for a while where I would go to Brookshire's for groceries and Target for the rest. But they are on two separate sides of town, so usually I end up giving in to the Blue Devil.

6. I am a huge fan of muti-tasking. Last night I cooked porkchops, rice a roni, mac n cheese, biscuits and sweet tea WHILE giving Avery a bath. (Of course, I did not leave her for even one second - I know that rule!) I really enjoy being able to do multiple things at once. I've tried to explain the concept of mulit-tasking to Charlie (for ex: "Look babe, you can watch ESPN AND fold the towels...all at the SAME time!") Unfortunately, he isn't catching on!

I am tagging Dewana, Nikki, and Jami. If mom and grandma had a blog, I'd tag them too!

Sorry this was so long, anyone who halfway knows me, knows that just like my daddy preaching, I am long winded. HA!

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mallory said...

haha, you have to have a life worth reading about first to have a blog and mine is sooo not worth it :) but i'm pretty sure i will start one up whenever we decide to have a baby. but no matter how much of the 'baby bug' i get, my hubby is still not going for it :)