Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eating peas

I started feeding Avery her next food yesterday - peas! As you'll see from the picture below, not her favorite! Also she got her jumperoo and her daddy put it together today. I'll post pics as soon as I have time. Here are the ones from eating the peas:

"Did somebody say its time to eat? I'm game!"

Happy as can be...this is before the peas! : )

"Umm..what is that mushy green stuff over there?"

"Oh...yuck, yuck, yuck...this is terrible woman!"

Well, I guess I wouldn't be too happy if this was my supper, either!

Video of the peas...hope its not too dark!

1 comment:

mallory said...

that was too cute! you could probably "trick" her into eating the peas by putting a little dessert baby food on the end of the spoon. then maybe she'll think she's getting something good...then bad, haha. p.s. the second pic looks just like YOUR baby pictures :)