Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd Birthday Party Post One

After we cancelled a trip to the New Orleans Aquarium because the Saints would be playing in NOLA that weekend, I tried to think of fun places to reschedule. Where can a kid have more fun than Chuck E. Cheese? At least I hoped this would be the case. Avery is only 2 and I underestimated the chaos of Chuck E. Cheese. That said, aparently Avery is used to being around our rather loud family because she thrives in chaos. I can't think of a time in her life when she had more fun. And scared of Chuck E. Cheese? Not even close! I'm pretty sure if she had the choice she would've gone home with him...but thats a whole other post!

Of course, it helped that when we pulled into Chuck E. Cheese, one of Avery's favorite people was in the parking lot waiting: Gigi!

There was too much fun in that room to be concerned about posing for photo ops!

And always something more exciting to look at than the camera!

At least we could get Charlie's attention for a few pics!
We will never forget the fun we had at Chuck E. Cheese with this sweet little 2 year old. Dealing with the chaos was much worth it!

Although we didn't have many kids, most of my family and Charlie's was able to drive down to Baton Rouge. We are so thankful for all of them. Avery had the BEST time opening presents. This was the first time she has really been into opening every.single.present (and more if we would've had them!) Maybe we won't have to leave her presents unwrapped at Christmas after all?


Too Many Hats said...

YAY for Chuck E Cheese! I have to admit to really not liking that place, but of course it is a child's dream come true. Looks like she had a super time.

Cristi said...

True maybe she has finally mastered the art of OPENING GIFTS! We had as much fun as she did watching her run full speed through that place and cracking up at all the hugs Chuck E Cheese received. Oh and that girl LOVES her Gigi doesnt she?! See yall.

Mallory said...

speaking of Christmas...maybe she is just not a morning person, like ME...give me presents on my birthday and it's all good, but ask me to get up extremely early to open them on Christmas morning and that's another story =)

Curran said...

Looks like fun! I will be putting her gift in the mail this week. I'm sick now :(

Anonymous said...

I am s glad that she had a fun time,sorry I had to miss it..

Penny said...

Glad she had so much fun! Sometimes, with a toddler, their parties tend to overwhelm them and then it's melt down city. So glad that wasn't the case for y'all. =)

Anonymous said...

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brtty stella said...

What fun! what a wonderful family! What a precious 2 year old!!

Baylee's Mommy said...

What a FUN party! I was thinking about having Baylee's 3rd birthday party at Monkey Joe's. Its indoor and they have TONS of inflatables! Only thing is Baylee is terrified of Monkey Joe! ;)