Thursday, January 14, 2010

Avery's Favorite Things

I just realized I never got to share Avery's favorite Christmas gifts. These were all on my iPhone too!

Before we headed to Vidalia for Christmas, I decided to let Avery have Gigi's present early. She loves her new lego table! She is getting the hang of building legos and has also enjoyed coloring on the flat surface that goes over the lego table. I never realized how much room we would need for 'toddler furniture'!

Avery's 'big' gift from us this year was a climb n slide castle. I thought I might have to show her how to do it, but I guess climbing comes pretty natural to toddlers! She had no problem climbing right on and sliding down. We decided to leave this in the house until it warms up a bit outside!

She also loves her Barbie Beetle car from Nonna and Poppa...
we left it at Nonna's so she'll have something fun to do while we're there.

And here is the infamous kitchen of 1000 pieces!
She uses this every day and I love watching her pretend!


Cristi said...

Looks like a fun place to be. Oh and AVERY is one of my favorite things. ~Just sayin~

Beth E. said...

Avery racked up! ;-) I remember when our boys were little and the presents they got. You're right...they do take up a lotta room!

Stormie's Mommy said...

Stormie got a kitchen too from walmart and it came in a million pieces too but she loves it so that is all that matters!

Calley said...

I love this...I have always LOVED play kitchens. I want one! lol I always drool over them in catalogs! Danny said the boys didn't need one. Oh well. Maybe one day. :)