Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday Plans

Birthday plans are underway! I can't believe I'll have a 2 yr. old in a few days. Wow, time sure goes too fast! Planning an indoor birthday party for a toddler isn't the easiest thing in January. My options are pretty limited. Originally, I thought Avery would love the aquarium, so we would go down to New Orleans. I had been planning on that for months. And then something strangely miraculous started to happen. The Saints, the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS went 13-0 (before losing 2 games on the way to the playoffs!) I figured there was a likely possibility there could be a playoff game on the weekend of her birthday in New Orleans and didn't really want to fight the traffic (or to find a hotel room for that matter!) So, we settled on someplace a little closer, with a lot of fun: Chuck E. Cheese in Baton Rouge. I figure you can't go too wrong with CEC. Games, pizza and dancing characters sounds right up Avery's alley. So, although we expect little to no children (Baton Rouge is about a 3.5 hour trip from where we live!), we will have a great time watching Avery run wild! I decided since we were already in the mouse category, I would 'girl it up' with a Minnie Mouse theme. I found some great, inexpensive invites on Ebay. Chuck E. we come!

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Mallory said...

i absolutely LOVE her invitations, tooo cute! we have a c.c. down the street (on airline) and i always try to get daniel to go there for some ski ball...but he said we would look like a bunch of weirdos going into a kiddie place with no kids, lol!

hope you guys have a fun weekend!!! are you planning to take her to tiger town and show her around?