Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year's

On New Year's Day Avery enjoyed watching the parade on TV

We had all sorts of party food for the LSU game...
and Avery was decked out in her cheerleader uniform!
Btw, thanks Jami! It is sooo cute!

All of our preparations and cheers, didn't quite mean a win for the Tigers.
We loss to Penn State. The boys were pretty bummed, but when Avery gets stressed she just dances it off...

So, even with a Tiger loss to end the season, it turned out to be a pretty great way to kick off 2010!


Too Many Hats said...

YAy for 2010. Watching the parade here is always a tradition although the kids no longer march along with the bands or dance about - sniff, sniff.

Mallory said...

i love the pic of her dancing with nonna...sooo cute =)