Thursday, February 25, 2010

Avery Meets Dora!

A few weeks ago, while visiting Nonna and Poppa, I ran across an ad in the paper to meet Dora and Boots at the local mall. Well, since Avery is a tad bit obsessed with Dora and loves anything like this (Santa, Chuck E. Cheese, etc.) I knew we had to be there! Unfortunately, so did 550 other parents. We knew there was a problem when we pulled in the Natchez Mall parking lot and couldn't find a space. You must understand that I often refer to this mall as a flea market. It's pretty tiny and doesn't have the greatest stores. But, on this day, something was drawing the crowds. That something was none other than Dora the Explorer! We got in line and I wasn't sure what I was thinking. Thank God that Nonna was with me! There is NO WAY it would've worked otherwise. We took turns entertaining Avery while one person held our spot. We shopped, played games, got snacks, colored, shopped some more, strolled some more, waited some more. Oh and in between we had about 5-6 meltdowns. I guess that was my own fault for standing in the 2 1/2 hour line to meet Dora! Yes, I am insane!

Playing her favorite game in the Fun Tunnel - Skee Ball! She's a pro ; )
She knew which prize she wanted too!
The pen and paper worked for a little while. Oh, and the paci, yeah we wouldn't have made it without that either!
Nonna thought she would like to look at where Dora sat. It was easy to show her since Dora took a 15 minute break every 30 minutes. NO, I am NOT exagerating! Teenagers wear the same suit and three of them swapped out every 30 mins. Nonna under-rated the meltdown that would occur when Dora came back from break and Avery had to let the next kid in line go. Can you say Terrible 2's?
What would we do without her?
And the moment we waited for...a smile at Dora. I even got a much blurrier, less smilier version printed for only $10! ; )
Yes, after that experience, we had one exhausted toddler!


Cristi said...

Yea I am kinda glad thats over, but look at her face smiling up at Dora. So sweet.

Beth E. said...

Looks like everything turned out okay in the end, huh? Shew...that crowd must have been something else! You did it, though, with great results...Avery looked so happy in the pic with Dora!

Jane Anne said...

Oh my goodness, she is so sweet. Looks like she had fun with Dora!

I just realized that I posted the wrong video this morning. I posted the better (much funnier) one now: Lovin' Lemons

Thanks for stopping by (AND commenting!).

Curran said...

I'm not going to let Addison see the pic of Avery with Dora! She would be jealous!

Anonymous said...
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Penny said...

delete that comment above this. run your mouse over the blue line and see what the title of the website is. sick.