Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yes, I miss you terribly!

I'm writing a letter to this man. An apology letter. A we miss you terribly letter. Yes, I realize he will probably never receive it, but I will write it and hope he does. (Besides, I am the girl that truly believed that Martha could host her first post prison event by catering my wedding after her release from prison. Yes, I googled the prisons phone number. Yes, I also called and asked "Is Martha there?" Apparently, she was too busy to take a call. Whoda thought?)

Anyway, back to President Bush! I, although fiercely conservative, had my doubts about Bush. By the election I had decided his time had really passed (not that he could've come back for a third term anyway, darn those term limits!) My thinking was that I wasn't too happy about this long, expensive war and he was never too great at public speaking. Although his invention of new words did keep me entertained. Well, I wanted a change, but not this change. I did all I could at the voting booth, and we were defeated. Now we have a President, who blatantly lied during his campaign - not that he's the first to do this, but still - I clearly remember a promise during the debates about getting us out of this war and now he is sending more troops overseas. And we have a President who can give a darn good speech (even if it is only because of the teleprompter)!      

I have discovered that I miss our former President and I miss our country. You know, the one that didn't spend trilllllions of dollars to bail out the entire country. The country that wouldn't consider National Healthcare as a way to solve our healthcare problems. Yep, I miss that country. And I owe an apology to President Bush. At this point, we are helpless. We can only pray that at the end of these 4 lonnng years, our country is in tact. And we should start praying now for the next man or woman that will be elected to lead our country. That somehow, we can retrace our steps, and find the country that our founding fathers wanted for us. One with God as the center, small government, low spending, NO abortion and very few handouts. Too bad our elected officials don't value the Constitution as much as the conservatives do. What a pitiful shame.

I've heard the Miss Me Yet? items are flying off of the shelves. Imagine that? The grass is not always greener on the other side. So, this is my public apology to President GW Bush. I had no idea how bad it could get. I took you for granted. I didn't pray for you enough. I miss you terribly.


Penny said...

Martha Stewart??? Really. You just don't know how badly I needed that laugh. Like Shelby's mom on Steel Magnolias. Yep, that badly!! Thanks. ;)
I will always miss George. We underestimate the power of a praying leader. I may not understand or agree with the war. I've met people who've served that said "We've made a difference. It was necessary." and others that don't want to talk about it. But to me, it was worth every cent to see those people dancing in the streets smashing Suddam's (sp?) statues and so happy. Imagine if you were them? Everybody needs a deliver! God help them.
Obama needs intercessory prayers more than ever, but I don't really blame him for the state our country's in. It took a LOT of people to help bring our economy to it's knees. But that's exactly where God wants us. Desperate people respond to God. You can't look up to HIM when everything's going great! Look at my generation of the 80's. I am ashamed to be called the "ME generation." How awful? That scripture that was on the wall in our church is what we need. I don't blame Obama---- I blame "us" the Christians for the mess we're in. I, personally, do not spend enough time in prayer for this country that I dearly LOVE! or the people of this country that are dying and going to hell. Didn't mean to preach a sermon on your blog. Sorry.
Just adding food for thought.
I agree with everything you said. I usually do! Love ya, girlie. :)

Cristi said...

Interesting! Oh and Penny's comment was as long as your post.

brtty stella said...

I agree; I miss George W. so much!
Agree with penny too. We all need to pray for our country and it's leaders more!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i miss him too and love this post!

smiles, bee