Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faster Daddy, Faster!

Avery has one of the funnest dads I've ever known. He is always ready to play! She is one blessed little girl :) Their new game is where he basically serves as a horse, lol. She loves this one. For a while I couldn't take pictures because I would hold onto her and go around the house with them (man, our neighbors probably think we're nuts!) But now, Avery knows how to hold on! It is so cute. She even gives him a little kick when she wants to go faster. I love watching them together, she sure loves her daddy and has him wrapped around her little finger!


Mallory said...

she is so cute, and i love her little dress =)

Curran said...

She is really enjoying that pony ride! I'll have to share that idea with Blake! I love seeing our babies smile!