Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plan D

Nonna came for a visit one Saturday to attend the Beth Moore Simulcast and that afternoon, before she left, we decided to take Avery to the Children's Museum. The same one we wanted to go to on the day we settled for Jungle Gym. So, off we went! We walked in and Avery was already excited. Unfortunately, the lady told us they were closing in 20 minutes and we would still have to pay $15 admission, for 20 minutes. Ughh! Avery threw a fit, but it probably would've been worse if we could've only stayed for 20 minutes. We tried to think of somewhere fun and decided on the park. My little heartbroken toddler wasn't too happy! I kept saying, "Avery, do you want to go to the park!?!" and she would reply with an emphatic "NO, MAMA!" Nonna mentioned cupcakes and Avery seemed happy with that idea. I mean, who turns down a cupcake? Off we went to the best little cupcake cafe - Curl's. Of course, Curl's had closed an hour ago. I wasn't about to go home without getting her that cupcake! So, plan D was another little Coffee Shop in town that sells gourmet cupcakes. Avery didn't seem to notice the difference! Can't wait until we get to attend a birthday party soon at the Children's Museum - I know she is going to love it!


Laura said...

I hope it's Alise's bday party you're talking about! Seriously. Bring that Baby to the Children's Museum for FREE!!! You'll even get a free pass to use in the future. No gifts, please. Just come.

Too Many Hats said...

Cupcakes would make me less cranky about not getting to do what I really wanted to do too.

Curran said...

Yum! I just had a cupcake at a play date today! It made me pretty happy & content also :)