Sunday, May 9, 2010

You Deserve It!

Being a woman is hard. I don't care who you are. There is just more pressure. And God forbid you can't have, or don't want to have, a baby. I guess I can be cynical about it, without coming off as bitter, because I'm not exactly in that category. But I will never forget the Mother's Day I spent when I was. Standing in a  church full of women with their motherly glow. Celebrating them, and of course my mom, but I was not one of 'them'. Why did that feel so bad? I'm not sure. But I do know that it shouldn't. I know that God values us whether we are a mom and a wife, or not.

There are daily reminders of being a woman vs a man - the fact that we have to spend way too long blow drying, straightening or curling and styling our hair. And that most of us wouldn't dare go to work without full makeup on! There is the monthly reminder, that I won't go into. But that is NO fun at all. Then there are society's reminders - the magazines at the grocery stores - when is the last time they all had cute guys on the cover? Friends and family tend to remind you often, especially babyless women - "So aren't you ready for a baaaaby?!?" or "Isn't it time for another baby!?!". I'm telling you, women deserve their own day each month! But at this point, we'll take what we can get. I looked back at last years post and it's basically the same. Maybe I haven't had enough Mother's Days to forget about the one that wasn't very fun. I hope you're not having that kind of day today, and if you are, you should celebrate you. Mother or not! Treat yourself to a pedicure, or your favorite meal, just because you know you deserve it!

Please don't get me wrong: Avery Grace is more than I can type or explain. She makes me want to celebrate my womanhood. The fact that God chose the female sex to bring precious little lives into the world is overwhelming.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful day as I celebrate my mom, the best mom God ever made. And I will treat myself, because I deserve it. That's right, I said it! ;)


thekennonfamily said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I spent 2 hours of it in labor and delivery hoping to have this little girl, but no such luck. Now I'm tired and disappointed and Cameron is being exceptionally hyper and will not listen and all I can think is I can't wait for him to go to daycare tomorrow. Terrible mother!

Penny said...

Poor, Nikki. You're not a terrible mom and I spent my second anniversary in labor with Shelbi and guess what?! She came 3 days later. (arrested labor) So I feel ya, sweetie.

Happy Mother's Day, Casey!
I agree, we should celebrate whether we have children or not. Try finding an appropriate card for a stepmom that's lost BOTH her children. Practically impossible. :'(
BTW WHEN are you going to have another baby??? LOL I couldn't resist.

Cristi said...

Youre so sweet, and youre right you do deserve it.

Beth E. said...

I hope you had an absolutely WONDERFUL Mother's Day!