Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jungle Gym Fun

One Saturday while Gigi was in town to babysit Sebastian, my cousin, I decided it would be fun to head to the Children's Museum. Just before we were about to leave, I went to their website and discovered they were having an event that day and wouldn't be opening. It was a tour of homes and a luncheon to follow, so I didn't think Avery or Sebastian would be too interested :) So, Plan B became Jungle Gym. I wasn't too impressed, but Avery and Sebastian seemed to enjoy it. And you can't really beat it for $1.50 admission!


Curran said...

Yeah, I wasn't crazy about the Jungle Gym either, but the times we've went Addison enjoyed it. It's kinda smelly :( Glad the kids had fun! You're right, for $1.50 on a hot or wet day it can't be beat!

Mallory said...

i love that last pic, her expression is sooo cute and the light behind her makes it look like a tunnel =)

Cristi said...

Looks fun to Nonna!