Friday, October 21, 2011


I often wonder what I would do without my husband. I will not say that this thing called marriage is easy, by any means, although my parents sure made it look easy! But I know that it's worth it. Usually the things that are worth the most in life, require the most attention, work, love and sacrifice. Marriage is no different. I think for the most part, it gets easier as you go. You realize that pushing those buttons just because you're not getting your own way, will be a mistake. You certainly learn to choose your battles. I am so happy God gave me this man to walk through life with. I don't think there is a single day where he doesn't make me giggle. He is a better dad than I could've ever imagined. And he loves me. He loves me so much, that in the middle of a college football game he didn't think twice about changing my tire! I am so glad God made husbands, because I certainly don't know a thing about changing a tire...or mowing grass...or fixing a leaky sink!

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Cristi said...

It certainly isnt easy. I think the key is making Christ the center of your home. If you seek to please Him you will do whats right more often. You willingness to do those things that please the Father will show up in your relationship with your spouse. Love you!