Monday, October 24, 2011

New York - Day 2 - The Subway

I'm on the subway to Times Square alone. And i'm feeling like this is the bravest thing i've ever done! The people aren't necessarily rude but they are sooo quiet. A packed subway and you can hear a pen drop. I really just want to say, "Gooood mornin, y'all! How's everyone?". I'm seriously tempted to do so but I think they may beat me up and take my money, so I'll refrain. No one looks up. Do they all have self esteem issues? No one looks at anyone else. I found myself bouncing from face to face and when they catch me they look at me as if to say, "What you lookin at?!?" So, I pulled out my iPhone and now I look like the rest of them. And since Im not allowed to speak, maybe I fit in? I seriously doubt it though. I told the concierge my first and last name and she picked up on the accent immediately. Said it reminded her of some nice, Southern jazz. Yikes. She sold me a buss tour. I had planned to tackle this thing all alone but I think a tour could be right up my alley. Maybe someone will talk on the tour. Y'all know me, I'm a talker and I need a little chit chat in my life today!

Ok I can't understand the accent of the subway driver man so it's time to pull out my map, in true tourist fashion and figure out where the heck I am!

Pics to come later today, if I make it back alive that is!


Cristi said...

Cute post and I am glad you made it out alive.

DC said...

Love the posts! Keep em coming :) I was super excited about my first subway ride & like you, I found it odd that every person is in their own little world & nobody talks!

Calley said...

Love it! How fun! Are you going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? You could probably spend all day there! I loved it- cant wait to go back!

Calley said...

Okay, just read the other post and saw you are! Have fun!