Monday, February 2, 2009

A Birthday Party for a Princess...

Happy Monday! I will not be posting any Not Me's today because there is something much more important I need to blog about - a little princess I know had a birthday party!

Don't ya just love it when everything goes as planned? That is exactly how I would describe Avery's party. IT WAS GREAT. And even though she probably won't remember it, we will always have the memories and always tell her about how much fun her first princess party was! I had my moments where I felt like in some way Avery's party wouldn't be as fun as other 1 year old's since it would just be a small party at our house (RSV rules, remember?). Bubble girl said at least 8 times, "She's having a birthday party, with NO kids!!!" And we did. And it was fabulous! Avery was good for the most part. Around present time she was a little tired so da-da and I helped her out, but for the most part she was a perfect princess. I had a blast decorating and planning and watching it all turn out exactly as I hoped. And guess what? The DVD I worked so hard on finally worked! After a very long, sincere prayer I popped it in the DVD player and there it was! Annnndd, I had just enough time to burn all of the guests a DVD and wrap it with curling ribbon for a perfect little keepsake favor. They loved it! Avery enjoyed Chick fil A chicken nuggets & fries for lunch and of course....CAKE for dessert. Her daddy even let her drink sweet tea! And the pictures will tell the rest of the story...Enjoy! And, once again I need to apologize b/c there are like 50 of them. Thanks to my mom - she did a mini photo shoot before the party with Avery and they turned out great! For the record, she took 138 pictures, plus the ones I took, so here is the 'condensed' version of Avery's 1st Birthday Party in PICTURES!

The cake turned out PERFECT!

I think the theme was very clear, don't you? :)

No party is complete without a customized banner!

The gifts...before the guests arrived! :)

Thanks to nonna for making the streamer look so cute!
The gifts...after the guests arrived!
Family Photo
Did I mention this cake was worth EVERY PENNY!
She even included a princess cookie for Avery too!
OMG I'm sooo tired I promise I just uploaded over 50 pics to Blogger and now they're GONE! I will have to finish tomorrow :( I will leave you with one beautiful pic of the princess:


The Glenn Gang said...

LOVE IT! I've been waiting to hear about party details!!! So glad it was all you hoped for. I have such wonderful memories of Jonah's first and second birthday parties. They may not remember but the pictures will tell them anything they need to know!!!!

Cristi said...

OK Bubble girl is starting to sound like Karen on McMamas blog! LOL Anyway, isnt it funny you and I both chose that picture out of the 138 to preview the princess?! Oh and thats 138 after I did all the deleting for one reason or another. I am a picture freak! LOL Speaking of, Jami let me borrow a zoom lens, so I am gonna be needing to borrow Avery again. LOL JK

Jami Ainsworth said...

I love that portrait in the center of her gift table!

First B'day parties are meant to be more special to the parents (grandparents) than the child...I've read this somewheres...because they are celebrating one year as parents!

I still remember all the hours I spent working on Cameron's first party over 20 years ago. I choke down tears as I do!

I am glad it was all that you hoped!

Mallory said...

if her 1st birthday looks that good, i can't IMAGINE how beautiful her wedding will be one day =) she definitely is a little princess!

Curran said...

Yay! I'm happy it turned out perfect! She is beautiful :) Where did you get the dress?

LucieP said...

the pictures are beautiful! I am so happy that things went well.
Your the mama! It's up to you what happens anyway, right?!

The cake looks so yummy!

I can't believe how big she is girl!

Calley said...

Awww. Avery looked so pretty! I love the cake too! I am glad all went good.

Penny said...

Too cute! Can't wait to see the rest of them.

Stormie's Mommy said...

I love the pictures. I love the close up you and her. Looks like it turned out pretty great! By the way where do you get one of those teething things at???I need one. Stormie is cutting four teeth at once.