Saturday, February 7, 2009

Showin off her new clothes...

Since we're trapped in the house, I figured why not pretend we're going somewhere? So for two days I dressed Avery up in some of her cute new clothes and just snapped away...

I am really starting to think that window behind Avery could be really dangerous...does anyone else agree...any suggestions on how to block it?
Avery doing her favorite thing....begging to get out of her brand new, super cool ball pit!

All smiles in a new adorable dress from Bonnie (oh yes, and of course, her Squeakies!)

I love this adorable outfit from Chastity

When I put this on her Charlie said "You're making her wear high-waters today?" Umm no idiot, ever heard of capris??? Silly men!
Does this child love Baby Einstein or what???
Any guesses on how long I have before the crystal on this shelf is her favorite toy?
So far she has no interest in it!
In other news, we are going for some professional pics - by Jami of course - next Saturday and I can't wait!


Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Love the new outfits. I love,love,love the squeaker shoes. You know those are our favorite over here too!

Cristi said...

That window is not dangerous. You worry too much! I dont know where in the world you get that from.

Penny said...

She is going to LOVE looking out that window. It's the perfect height for her. I don't know where you get that worrying gene from either. ;)
I love the excitement in your voice on the video. She really is going to be into everything now! It might be a good idea to go ahead and put that crystal up higher, otherwise the day she decides to play with it will be the day BEFORE you move it. :o

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

there was a baby at work one night with those shoes on. it had to have been the funniest thing ive ever seen cause when she didnt want to squeak she would walk on her tip toes haha.

Mallory said...

she is too cute in her new outfits! i especially love the yellow one =)

Stacey R. said...

I have a wonderful suggestion. if only I remembered the name of the product myy dad got. it's these little window clamps that go on the frame and lock with a turning screw thing, so the window cannot open from the inside or out. hadley has discovered, at almost 3, to just flip the mechanism on the window that is built in, but these things are tight so she cant even get it. And they are easy for mom and dad to remove in case of emergency. also, they have these pattern window clings somewhere (my dad has them) that come in certain dsigns, like stained glass or white lace, that you could put on the door (or just get some window cling templates at walmart that you could print on, but just leave them blank) and put them on the window panes so if the pane breaks, she cant cut herself.

dont be afraid, i'm a paranoid mom as well. i crawled on my hands and knees at each new home ive moved to and babyproofed it, even though my child wasw 2 1/2 at the last one. on a last note, i have a friend who might need some encouragement. her son (also hadleys baby brother -- they have teh same daddy), was born oct 10, at 1 lb 7 oz, at 23 weeks. he is now over 3 lb 12 oz, and has had an amaglgam of medical procedurres, and faces blindness and all sorts of other problems. shes kind of down because when he comes home next month (if he gets to), its gonna be tough, and she's doing it on her own. so if you want to, i can give you her yahoo or give her yours, or myspace or something (shes in my top 4--Tiffany, Tristan's mommy) and maybe you could offer some words of encouragement from experience that I cannot offer.

Much love! Avery is sooooo beautiful!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

she is SO adorable!

smiles, bee