Friday, February 20, 2009

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood...

On Wednesday I came home to an absolutely lovely day. I passed a lady walking her baby in a stroller and decided that looked like a great idea. So I convinced Charlie to go and we took a lovely stroll, even during RSV season - it was about 74 degrees and PERFECT! It was like therapy - walking and hearing the birds chirp and being with two of the people that I love most in the world. I even remembered to take pictures!

In other news, Avery met the qualifications to continue Early Steps by 0.1 points. This is great news, in my opinion b/c it says she is normal but can continue therapy until she's walking. Charlie and I were ready to go ahead and stop all of the therapy but Melanie, one of her therapists, stopped by last night to make sure everything looked normal and noticed Avery was mostly cruising on her tippy-toes. My mom had mentioned this earlier but I thought it was completely normal. She said its a very bad habit that has to be stopped immediately, before she learns how to walk like that. It still relates to the hyper extension and muscle tone problems she has had in the past b/c of being so premature. So we will continue to see PT, only once a month and I will do exercises to help her every day. Melanie also mentioned that although Avery does not have CP (Cerebral Palsy) she definitely has the three factors that would contribute to a diagnosis of CP - which are prematurity, muscle tone issues & developmental delays, but because we started therapy so early she is sure that Avery does not have CP. I count this as another miracle along the way :)

Don'tcha just love cropping? After working a 10 hour day and going on a walk, mama isn't exactly looking her best!
All ready for a nice, relaxing stroller ride!

We love da-da's days off!


Mallory said...

she is so BEAUTIFUL in that yellow! it makes her blue eyes really stand out =)

The Glenn Gang said...

I'm so glad y'all got to get out and enjoy the weather. I can't imaging being cooped up like that all the time. I hear this RSV/Flu season is one of the worst in a while. Avery will look back on this blog one day and be so appreciative for all the sacrifices you made for her well being. What a good mommy you are!

Calley said...

What a wonderful treat! I am glad ya'll got to enjoy the nice weather! Avery looks precious.

Jami Ainsworth said... I am worried...Natalie has walked on her toes all fact this last visit (today) is about the first time I can remember being with her that she didn't...and she's 3.5.

I have been laid back about it and not worried..should we?

Penny said...

I don't know how, but she gets prettier all the time. I knew those bows would be the perfect size. They are too small on Harlee. And yellow is my favorite color. I saw the article Vershal wrote and the pics by Avery's three favorite photographers. She probably thinks we're all part of the paparazzi(hope that is spelled correctly)especially now that's she's famous. lol
Thanks for the sweet comments about Leon! He's such a sweetie, too. Sarah says she's having to wake him to feed him. She definitely will need your advice when she goes back to work in 5 weeks. :( She'll be doing a LOT of pumping, and you've got that part down to a science. Calley gave her a nipple shield. He loves it more than his paci. :) Sarah loves it, too. Now that he is actually latching on and getting some milk, he is sleeping 3to 5 hours between feedings. Awesome! (His mommy was a good sleeper, too, and his Mimi... so I'm told.)
Mrs. Penny

Anonymous said...

Hey someone brought me a copy of that article about Avery. They had herd me talk about her. Do you want me to mail it to you? It's like a book, but I can mail it to you if you would like.