Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday promised!

Well, as you will see these pics are in no particular order but i'm not about to drag and drop 50 pics to get them organized, although it would make me happy, but who has time for that?
A gift from nonna and poppa...a lion she can push or ride!

A gift from me and Charlie....a soft 'playpen' filled with balls!

One of Avery's faves...a gift from Addy...the RazBerry (or as I would call - the CrackBerry teether!) This helped during those fussy moments at the party for sure!

Laugh and Learn purse from Benji at work..complete w/ lipstick, a mirror and bracelet! So cute!

Another one of her favorites...from Uncle Mark and Josh
Spin n' Learn top

A very special gift from granny (Charlie's mamaw) a silver necklace that she has had for years and passed down to her first great grand daughter - Avery!

Poppa helped out by catching all the action!

Nonna did a 'mini photo shoot' with Avery in her beautiful dress...a gift from Nicki

A princesses work is never done!

Always on the go!

What's a princess without pink sparkling slippers?

This was some trick they were talking about...if you lay down a pocket knife and a dollar, the boys always go for the knife and the girls for the dollar...of course, our princess knew exactly what she wanted!Thanks for all the help nonna & poppa!

She was covered in cake and a bit fussy so I figured - whats better than a bath - and a RazBerry of course!
Getting a little fussy...
...but kisses from daddy make everything better!

Time to make a wish!
Opening presents...
Her favorite lunch...chick fil a nuggets and fries!
Even Paps wore a pink princess party hat...gran gran (or as she now prefers - Gigi ) declined the hat - nothing comes between her and her hair-do!
Charlie and Avery with Mamaw (Charlie's mom)
Birthday kisses...

What a beautiful little 1 year old princess!


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

i cant quit laughing at the one where it looks like she is biting into the cake!

Penny said...

I think the one second from the bottom is my favorite and of course, the cake attack. I have many like those with the grandkids first cakes. You were brave to let her eat in that dress. lol Aren't you doing portraits soon?
Love y'all

Calley said...

How cute! Looks like ya'll had a blast!

Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Those are awesome picture. Those shoes are too cute. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

Curran said...

Yay! I love all the pics! It looks like the princess had the perfect party :) Hope to see you all next week!