Sunday, August 9, 2009

Avery's Grocery Cart

A few weeks ago Gigi was in town and made a trip to Toys R Us. She bought Avery her very own grocery cart! Of course, this is the perfect toy for Avery because she can load and unload it all she wants!

As you can see, she loves shopping for dishes and silverware...
her favorite store is called "The Dishwasher"
She always brings her baby with her to the store...
only because it's not RSV season, of course!
Doing some shopping...wooden spoons are her favorite!
I guess the baby is umm...sleeping? :)
And her second favorite store is called "Mommy's Cabinet"
her favorite items are the plastic containers!
Looking at some of her purchases. Looks like she made it back home with baby safely!


Too Many Hats said...

Uh-oh the shopping bug has struck her at a very early age ;)

Beth E. said...

She's so cute! I remember keeping all of my plastic things in the lower cabinets. My boys loved to get into things when they were Avery's age!

Penny said...

Now she's going to start putting stuff in your grocery buggy at the store! lol
Do you have to be homebound during RSV season this year? Is there a certain age that she reaches when you don't have to worry about it as much? I wondered that when I read blogs like Steece's Pieces last year and they were quarantined last winter for the season at 18 months. So when is it safe to go to Target/Wal-Mart/wherever again? I mean, during RSV season.

Stormie's Mommy said...

So cute! Stormie has one and loves it and Seth loves to push her around in it!!