Friday, August 14, 2009

Don'tcha Just Love a Giveaway?

I've been thinking of doing one of my own lately but I don't think I have enough traffic. My mom would probably end up winning...ha!

But, you can jump over to Gravity of Motion and read how to win one of 10 fantastic prizes.

I really, really love to win something. Like, enough to call a local radio station no less than 20 times in a row to win some disgusting sounding new chicken nuggets from Wendy's that, by the way, I can't eat because they are loaded with carbs. But just to win them would make my day. That's how much I love to win.

So go visit Gravity of Motion and mention my blog in your comment puh-lease!

Have a great weekend. And if work is really slow today (crossing my fingers) I have no less than 4 posts to write. I have been a picture taking maniac this week!

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{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Hey girl, yeah I'll be at church Sunday. And for Sage, as much as you two like steak...they have great steak. Other than that I have never had anything I didn't like. Ask for Jeremy to be your server, he can give ya good advice{and service} as to what to order that night.