Friday, August 14, 2009

Eating Spaghetti

Avery lovvves spaghetti. She also loves being independent. I used to be able to feed her spaghetti. Then she wanted to hold the spoon herself, so I would scoop it and hand the spoon to her. Now, we're at 'Stage 3'. She absolutely refused to let me do anything....she insisted on doing it all herself. So, here are some very messy pictures of Avery feeding herself for the first time. Let's hope her hand/eye coordination develops!

Concentration, people!
Can you puh-lease stop it with that camera?
I'm trying to concentrate, woman!
"Hmm...wonder how mommy gets this stuff ON the spoon?"
She is looking down at the other half of it - which is in her lap

"Oh, to heck with it...I'm hungry!"


Laura said...

Priceless. Oh, and thanks for the chance to win on the giveaway!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

My Mom has pictures of Laura coverd in spaghetti, and a few of them she is asleep in the bowl. Avery is so adorable, she looks so determined to do everything herself, you can see it in her face!