Monday, September 15, 2008

Cloud 9!

Well my wonderful daddy gave me a surprise visit at work today...with Avery Grace in tow! I was SUPER EXCITED. I was realllly having some withdrawals and the plan was to go pick her up from them after I got off at 2:30 (meet them halfway), but he had other plans! It was great because it saved me the trip AND I got to go to lunch with dad, mamaw & papaw and AVERY! I was soooo happy! I am still on Cloud 9! Being away from her just for those few days makes me once again realize how blessed we are to have her in our life and how empty things now feel without her. She had a GREAT time at nonna and poppas and slept through the night both times. I was tickled pink! Nonna took lots of cute pics and videos. The two below are of Avery in a dress Jami gave her that Natalie used to wear. It is BEAUTIFUL.

In other news, my boss' last day of work was today : (
I'm excited for her because she has been promoted to be a stay at home mom : ) but I'll certainly miss her. It was great having a boss who also had a baby close in age (and even closer in development) to Avery. Of course, we talked about the girls every day! People are going to get tired of me talking about her :) Anyway, I am blessed to have another GREAT boss to report to - but I'm sure there'll be plenty of days where I still miss D. And now I have to learn how to stand up for myself and not always say 'yes' to everyone! Uh-oh!

I think Avery is a little annoyed to be in a!


Cristi said...

Yes you do have a wonderful daddy, and no she was NOT irritated at being in the basket because it matched her dress!!!! Love Mom LOL

Stormie's mommy said...

That dress is so pretty and so is MISS AVERY with those blue eyes to match!

Bram&Lindsey said...

I love this little blue dress! It is perfect for her. I just want to scoop her up and kiss her little cheeks! I miss her alot! Tell her that her Aunt Lindsey loves her so very very much!!!