Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sleep has arrived... the form of nonna and poppa! Avery went for a visit to Vidalia so that I could get some sleep and get some things done. I had a dinner w/ some coworkers last night and Charlie had to work so I knew it would be easier to have someone keep Avery. You never know how she'll do in a restaurant - its always a gamble! So last night I got some glorious sleep. I woke up about 3 times thinking 'she's crying' and realized it was a dog barking. I miss her like crazy though, things just aren't the same without her - even if it is just for a few days! I received an email from Avery this morning...apparently she slept all night for nonna and poppa!

I had second thoughts about her going b/c a rash came up on her shoulder on Thursday. It looked pretty bad to me so Friday morning I made an appt w/ one of my favorite people - Dr. Khanfar! He said that it may be infantigo and prescribed a cream to put on it. It's looking better already though. She got weighed while she was there and she was 15 pounds! I wanted to do a 'Happy Dance' right there in his office. We talked at length about her weight and he reminded me, once again, she should be compared to babies 13 weeks younger than her b/c she measured 13 weeks early at birth. Yeah - easier said than done!

I also figured since Hurricane Ike was headed more our way than to Vidalia - she may be safer there. I think 'he' did so much damage in TX, by the time it got to us it was no biggie. Some strong winds, a few sprinkles and tornado warnings all day long - but I still got everything done! YAY! Walmart was insane though - and out of everything. And gas spiked and now they're rationing it! If people wouldn't freak out, I think everything could remain normal - I guess so many people lost power here during Gustav - everyone was prepared this time. (Except us - fresh out of batteries and gas tanks both on 'E' as of Friday! AND WE STILL MADE IT OUT ALIVE - SEE WHAT I MEAN PEOPLE?)

Mom sent some pics of Avery from last night - and I'm also attaching pics of the rash - as I know you're so interested, lol. Actually, this blog serves as my medical journal as well, so if something ever comes up I can go find it on the blog!

Chillin at the crib...

We are trying to teach her to hold a bottle - as you can see, the high chair is doing most of the work!

The rash is on her right shoulder...not the greatest pic...ooops.

It amazes me how big she looks these days!

She really is a lil' smarty-pants (at least her momma thinks so!)

Playing at Nonnas...

...while mommy was trying to be brave and eat some Thai food - yikes!

Finally got to meet Mallory...well, outside of the NICU at least!

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Mrs. Penny said...

In case your Mom forgot to tell you, I reminded her this weekend that my 9 pounder (Shelbi) only weighed 19 pounds at 16 months. They're supposed to TRIPLE their weight by one year. If you go by those standards ----Avery's doing GREAT!!!!! lol I told Jenna that too. I hope that helps ease your mind.
Love ya