Friday, September 5, 2008

Skinny Mini

Yesterday after work, since I got off at 2:30 b/c of my lovely new schedule, I decided it was a good chance to go to the doctors office and weigh Avery. Charlie had mentioned to me that she was looking skinny to him (and I had been thinking the same thing). My mamaw said babies go through growth spurts where they get longer and skinnier, and then will get fatter as time goes on. That probably is true, but I still thought it was weird that Charlie and I were both thinking the same thing. She weighed 14 lbs 6 oz. This was pretty shocking since she weighed 13 lbs 9 oz on July 15th. In almost 2 months she's only gained 13 oz. That is not very encouraging, as she is supposed to gain 1 oz per day which means she should've weighed over 16 lbs . I am contemplating whether or not to go to Dr. Khanfar this morning. We have also noticed that she is not drinking her bottles like she used to. She will eat one half or so of a bottle and then get restless and eventually refuse the bottle. We have introduced solids and she is eating 1/2 - 1 jar per day. My plan is to offer her a bottle basically all day long (since she won't eat a full bottle every 4 hours we might as well let her eat every time she will!) once she's done eating we can feed her solids. I'm hoping Charlie can try twice before I get home at 2:30 and I will try twice again with the solids before bed. If we do that we can probably get her up to 2 jars per day. I guess I will not get to a point for a long time where weight is not a concern. Its so funny because if I'm not thinking about how much weight I need to lose, I'm thinking about how much weight she needs to gain. Wouldn't a weight transplant be just lovely!?!

So please keep her in your prayers. She has gone from the 10th percentile down to the 5th on the growth chart. I will update everyone after I speak w/ the doctor.


I spoke with the nurse at Dr. Khanfar's office. She said that she charted Avery closer to the 10th percentile. She said she is still on her curve, so that I shouldn't worry. She said that babies will go through times where they eat less and especially with Avery b/c she is on a higher calorie formula and will get full faster. She said not to feed her too many solids b/c she gets more calories and nutrition from the formula. I feel much better after talking to her. : )


Jami Ainsworth said...

From a mommmy/mimi who has small babies...I think her size looks great! Natalie who was full term didn't even weight 20 lbs at one-year. Both my children weight right at 20 lbs by their first b'day. And I will say it again! I think her size looks great and I also agree with your grandmother which is something I have noticed about my children from the time they were infants until they became teens and stopped growing in height.

I know, I know as parents we can't help but worry about something, huh?

Jenna said...

Hey I think she looks great. Ava went for her 15 month checkup 2 weeks ago and only weighed 19 lb 2oz. 29 inches long. She had only gained 6oz in 3 months. So don't worry so much. Avery looks healthy and very happy.