Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It wasn't so bad after all!

Well, today is the day that my work schedule changed. My grandparents had been keeping Avery for us in the hours before I got home (since Avery can't go to daycare per her pediatrician) but they don't live here, so that couldn't last forever. In 2 weeks we will be meeting with a sitter recommended by my boss and Avery will be able to go maybe once every 2 weeks for a few hours to give Charlie a break - or if something comes up and he has to go to work early, or I need to stay at work late. I thought it would be rough coming in an hour early (at 7 instead of 8) or that I would feel rushed having to leave at 2:30 and be home in time for Charlie to leave for work and make it by 3 - but it wasn't bad at all. Waking up earlier didn't phase me, and I had a very busy morning at work but got everything done before 2:30. I love having lots to do at work anyway - it makes the day go faster and I get a chance to multitask. lol. I made it home in plenty of time for Charlie to leave and he said he had no trouble getting ready for work with Avery. The best part? I get extra hours with Avery...YAY! That really makes me happy. As I'm writing this blog she's sitting in my lap, chewing her fingers and making cute little noises. Every once in a while she looks straight up at me with a wrinkled little forehead. Omg my heart just melts! We are going to run to Walgreens and then cook supper. Momma didn't get a chance to eat lunch and I'm starving!

Here is how I found Avery and her da-da when I came home today...too cute!

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