Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wow, it has been a while! Our computer crashed, which is such an inconvienence. A computer is not one of the 3 basic needs in life, I understand that, but after living without one for a week I can argue that it is a necessity. Wow, that sounds so spoiled. I cannot count the times that I've thought "Let me google that" and not been able to. From a phone number to have them pick up my trash (which they've failed to do for TWO weeks in a row now) to Charlie buying a new cell phone - EVERYTHING is impossible, or at least extremely inconvienent! I have no idea which bills to pay or what website to pay them at or what my username and password is at 18 different websites, I can't imagine how many emails I have, much less SPAM, and most importantly, I have been wanting to write blogs about everything from Palin to Prune Juice and now I'm sure I'll forget half the things I meant to write about - which I guess could possibly be a good thing! Oh did I mention I need to post an 'ad' on Myspace and Facebook for a babysitter? Yes - also impossible w/o a computer! Err....!!!!
As organized as I will try to make this - it is going to be a random blog - sorry!
First things first - the computer issue. Apparently our motherboard went out. We found out on Monday. It is a 2 year old Gateway - lesson learned: never buy a Gateway again. I can blame this on my husband who needs instant gratification and refused to wait a week to order a Dell online, insisting we go to Office Depot and pick one out. This is the same husband who just purchased his 6th cell phone in 2 1/2 years - a new Tilt (The IPhone just wasn't doing it for him. I still have the same one I bought 2 1/2 years ago and love it!) Talk about SPOILED. So the computer went out, which in Charlie's mind is a good thing, because he can now talk me into buying a laptop. Luckily, his company pays 1/2 of any computer purchased from Dell. That means we needed about $500 more. Guess what comes in the mail a few hours after we find out? A check for $500. God is so good! :) So we'll be computer shopping soon...any suggestions?
An unexpected trip - We didn't expect to go to Vidalia last weekend because Avery had just spent the week there. Sadly, one of Charlie's cousins died and we needed to make the trip so Charlie could attend the funeral. He was electrocuted on a drilling rig. Please keep his family in your prayers. He has 2 young daughters and his wife is expecting a baby boy soon. I just cannot imagine what she is going through.
Back to Avery - it seems like she does something new every day. Her new trick is rolling, and I don't mean rolling once and stopping. She rolls from one end of the crib to the other in no time! It is so cute. And she's doing much better with tummy time - as long as she rolls on her tummy and props herself up - if its my idea and not hers, forget about it. Uh oh - hope that's not an indication of whats to come! We had a good time in Vidalia (except for the funeral part). LSU BEAT AUBURN! Barely though. Thanks a lot can someone not behave himself for a few years to be able to sign a multi million dollar contract w/ the NFL? Don't ask me! While in Vidalia I got the newborn pics I ordered from Jami. They are amazing. I ordered a 20x20 collage and it is just beautiful. I am so pleased! I will take a pic of it soon and post it.
Congrats Calley! - My friend Calley is such a trooper. She had a water birth and gave birth to a 10 lb, 11 oz baby completely naturally!!! WOW. If we decide to try again one day, I think Calley has convinced me to try to go all natural. My mom was there to take pictures for Calley and she said it was the most calm birth experience she's ever seen or could even imagine. I think that is so awesome. Welcome Baby Amaus!
Congrats Steph! - In other baby news, my cousin Stephanie had a baby boy today. Her birth went a little differently - she had an emergency c section because the baby was breach. (After 9 hours of labor...yikes!) He is 7 lbs 8 oz and ummm...they still haven't decided on a name!
Stay tuned....Well, I'm typing this at work and its time to go so I'll finish tomorrow. I have quite an interesting story to tell about the lady who was going to keep Avery if we needed her as a backup. Lets just say we're back at square one and this time I definitely only want someone who can come to the house and preferably someone we know. Any ideas???
More tomorrow if I get a chance! And pictures too!
- Casey


Denise said...

Hey Casey...not sure if I told you yet or not but I'm in west monroe now...working at progressive bank in monroe on north 19th...I am loving it!!

I have a feeling that I am going to be hunting for a babysitter in a few months too. My goal is to have everything planned or at least in working progress by January 1st. I really dont want our baby in a daycare and I am praying that I find someone we can trust before she gets here!

Cristi said...

Glad to see a new post. Love yall. Mom

mallory said...

hey cas, i was gonna let you know that they sell dell computers at best buy. we went there when we were gonna buy a laptop. we were trying to decide between a sony vaio, dell inspiron, or hp pavillion. i eventually decided on the hp just cause of the price...but if i'd had charlie's deal then i probably would've went with a dell :)

either way, i LOVE having my laptop now cause i can pay bills or do homework or get online wherever i want. i also take it with me on long car trips and watch movies and stuff on it. my 2-year old dell desktop is collecting dust in one of the guest rooms now :)

Denise said...

hey...lunch sounds good, i'm actually eating quizno's leftover from last night right now! I lost your email address so you can email me when you have email at work is to you later on! Maybe now I can finally meet Miss Avery!!