Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wow - these are my 7-5 days so usually I end up bored to death for at least an hour but I have been busy, busy today! No time for the Ginger story...stay I did upload the pics I promised though!

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Mommy and her sweet angel...

Man, this is the LIFE!

The beautiful 20x20! Now we just need a frame...the one I picked out is $142! YIKES!

She's saying, "Gran gran...I can't believe you're leaving us. Did anyone run this by me first???"

This child loves her Gran-gran

What a happy girl...gosh I cannot believe she is EIGHT MONTHS OLD!

Cheezin it up for the camera...GOOD GIRL! : )

She LOVES chewing on the spoon, it cracks us up!

"Did somebody say sweet potatoes!!!"

At Nonna's Spa...all kicked back and relaxed
(And yes, she crossed her legs HERSELF we did not stage this...lil' miss priss!)

Weekend in Vi-Lou, Mark's new Iphone...Charlie's always makin' a deal with someone!

My lovely, spoiled rotten, sweet husband

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