Monday, September 1, 2008

Videos from this weekend

Avery kept doing so many cute things this weekend so I kept taking videos! Here they are...

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This is a video of Avery doing her exercises. Because she was a preemie, her leg muscles are very, very tight making it hard for her to sit "Indian style". The Early Steps Therapist showed me how to exercise her legs so that her muscles won't be so tight and she can learn to sit. I noticed lately every time I do it, she laughs. I don't know what is so funny - maybe it just feels good to loosen up those muscles? Here is Nonna exercising with Avery...

Belly kisses from Nonna...she is giggling in this one too...I never can get enough of those giggles!

In this video, Avery is taking a bath in moms sink. Usually, I give her a bath in the kitchen sink, but it got stopped up this weekend so we did it in Nonna's bathroom. Avery loves bath time and she seemed to fit perfectly in the sink. I just thought it was too cute!

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Cristi said...

All that was fun to watch. Tell her I miss her. Nonna